A New Low

I hit a new low today, but it is the best kind! I’ve been bouncing back and forth between 2 pounds (168-170) since Halloween and I’ve finally, FINALLY gotten under 168! (167.2)

Now, I’m a daily weigh-in person. I know that there are a lot of people out there who are so against weighing in on a daily because the normal fluctuations in a body is really enough to drive a person mad. If you are not prepared to see that in the numbers it might encourage people to quit because they think what they are doing isn’t working.

When I started this I approached my weight as data. Just data. Just one of the many ways that I can measure my progress, not the only way. I’ve learned so much about my body because of it, I wouldn’t ever do it differently. But, to each their own.

Now I know that I’ve been “stuck” because I haven’t been as diligent as I need to be at this weight. The difference between my maintenance calories and cutting calories is much smaller than it was in the beginning. Those bites off my kids plates can really make or break me when it comes down to my total calories for the day. I’m pretty sure it is why they say the last 10 pounds is always the hardest. The gap keeps getting smaller and you have to be extremely diligent with tracking your intake.

To finally get over this bump I’ve been stuck on I went back to what I was doing at the start. I don’t take a bit of anything without logging it. I’m weighing everything I’m eating, I’m sticking to my macros, and I’m getting in my cardio. I went back to the basics of weight loss and guess what, it worked. It’s not rocket science, it’s basic math, determination and self control.

I had to remind myself not to make this difficult and to go back to what works. The holidays are such a difficult time when you are losing weight that I knew I was going to need to focus even more so during this time so I can end this year strong. I never let the scale rule me but damn it feels good when I get a win. 😉

Update: This morning I weighed in at 166.4!  




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