Blogging again…

There are a lot of people who start blogs at the beginning of major journeys in their life, my self included. It could be their wedding, a pregnancy/trying to conceive, building a house, starting a new career, or like me, weight loss.

I tried to blog through my weight loss journey before only to give up after some absurdly short amount of time when I had hit a wall, had a bad weekend or just stopped caring. I, for a long time thought that I needed to write about it to keep motivated, which never worked. I had always given up. I had started (again) with good intentions the summer of 2014 when I originally launched this space but after about 3 weeks something happened, like it had so many times before and I yet again abandoned my efforts.

I’ve deleted all but my 1st two posts from then. I’d like to keep them there to remind me how far I have come. Which is usually why people start blogs to begin with, so we can look back and remember the little bits and pieces of our lives that tend to get washed away with time.

As for my intentions this time, it is not to record my journey from the start, it is to share what I have learned so far. I’m doing this to hopefully be a source of encouragement, motivation and knowledge for others. Seeing others succeed at what I’m trying to accomplish continues to be an incredible motivator for me and I want to give that back to someone else.




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